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There is no greater power than the love of God. When you have a personal relationship with Christ, there is no limit to his love and forgiveness. When you’re looking for inspirational messages and biblical images for your clothing and apparel, turn to the team at Graceful Apparel. We are your online source for the best in inspirational -themed merchandise.  We provide a wide variety of  clothing and apparel services including:

  • Custom designed clothing with biblical images and inspirational quotes
  • Vivid biblical images and quotes on neck ties, tote bags, office supplies and other apparel
  • Affordable and high-quality merchandise for that special gift/ need
  • Personable customer service

Many of us depend on God  and prayer with a belief in Christ, are the foundation to life. Our merchandise is the perfect gift for those who are wishing to share inspiration or want to accentuate their or that other special person’s attire.  Our customer service team can address any questions or concerns you may have about our Christian themed clothing and apparel.  There is no greater gift than bringing encouragement, hope and inspiration through the powerful words of the Lord. Thank you for visiting Graceful Apparel and your patronage is greatly appreciated.


Graceful Apparel is much more than just a Christian clothing store. We also carry awesome uplifting computer mouse pads, tote bags, handkerchiefs and other items containing biblical images and words of inspiration. Belief and faith in God is the foundation to a complete and fulfilled life. The team at Graceful Apparel wish for you to be inspired and hopeful.  Graceful Apparel shares your beliefs in expressing your love for God. Over the course of our lives, we realize the world can be hostile and put obstacles in our path, however, Graceful  Apparel cares and wishes to provide some uplifting messages taken from the bible. It is important to fully understand God is always with you during each step of the way(Proverbs 37). Our merchandise is for those who are looking for inspiration or want to share their love of God with others. Share your love and good will for others and help enrich someone's life with inspirational apparel. Find the right uplifting themed items today at Graceful Apparel today.

Be encouraged, be inspired, above all else give love and be loved, Beloved!


I am a new customer who found your company on Google and was extremely pleased with the quality of service. I want to thank you for your prompt attention and compliment your friendly staff who answered my questions. I’m grateful to have found such a professional company such as yours and  I will continue to recommend  you in the future.